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Dolly Pearson is an up and coming influencer on Instapix, the social media site everyone loves to use! But she's getting tired of waiting to make it big.
Everything changes when Instapix star Vanessa John moves into her neighborhood and befriends her. What are the odds?   

She tells her about a way to make it big...as long as she's willing to pay the price.


• Experience a slow burn horror story in a kinetic novel format
• Around 30 min of gameplay
• All the features of Ren'py: save your place, read the transcript, and more!

Content Warning: graphic descriptions of self-harm and suicide.

#Install Instructions

MacOS: Extract #influenced.app from the zip and double click it.

Windows: Extract the zip file and double click #influenced.exe


This game was created for Nanoreno 2020. It was created by the following team:
Art + Writing: Chloe Chan
Coding: Patrick Donlan
UI: Anna Parmentier
Script editor/site: Kevin Wilson

Special Thanks:
Jacob Madrid • Sean Windle • Camille Chan • James Hagans

Proceeds of this game will go towards Ecojustice


March 1 2022: This game has been translated into Korean by the lovely 절취선 
Please check out their youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmRi50ouKX-TBYLFMgCC-7Q 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(139 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsDark, Female Protagonist, Horror, Kinetic Novel, Ren'Py, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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#influenced-1.0-pc.zip 117 MB
#influenced-1.0-mac.zip 101 MB
#influenced-1.0-pc(KR).zip 134 MB


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Was a great story! How slowly things devolved and went from a zero to a hundred was well done. The way the player is put into the mindset of someone who wants to grow as an influencer without explaining everything that they might already know was pretty good and told the story well and clearly! If you guys were to ever revisit the game, would love to see more of the world building as there were hints to something greater with the cult, the voice changing and 'mind control'/ loss of time with Dolly. Great job overall, and good luck for future ventures!


I really liked the game a lot overall it is very interesting this is my entire playthrough of the game 


Game was actually amazing, I played it in 2021 but good golly Best VN ever


Hello, I sent Email but who didn't answer it..

it point is.. I finished to translate to Korean.

would you plz check my file?

OR I can fork this file with Github.

thank you.

this is my youtube channel.


Hi, sorry I didn't reply to your email, I didn't see it. Which email did you send it to? 


Kevin Wilson - kevin@crownsgrave.com

Chloe Chan - Instargram

this is my Email add. 
 - baugh248730@gmail.com

I hope I will help you 😁😁

sorry my instagram has been changed for a while. Please email me at pyro.jack@gmail.com and we can chat about this :) 


still spooked


Reading this feels like a roller-coaster and a really good one at that. The pacing is amazing for an urban horror story and the characters are super interesting. But what I like the most is the overall art (sprite, text box, and the chat layout)! They're super cute and still creeps you out at the right moment. I really enjoy it!


This is really cool, I like the art, I like the story and characters. The whole time, I was thinking about how what's happening is related to real life. I kept interpreting what everything in the story might symbolizes (or be an allegory to) in reality. Maybe that might be an unnatural way to read it, but I greatly enjoyed reading.


For a horror game, this hits uncomfortably real. Great story!

(1 edit)

This was.... interesting....

HOT DAMN did this escalate quickly. Great game though- I genuinely love the horror aspects to it, and how well you conveyed everyone's personality!


The artwork in this game is really good and story is creepy and seems almost plausible. If there were demons handing out fame someone would be willing to pay.

Thank you! Yeah, i do feel like people who want fame have to sign a bit of a devils' contract


Wow this was a really good take on social media and the obsession with it. Ngl I felt some of Dolly's moments, when she wasn't getting enough engagement or suddenly lost followers. It sounds irrational to be so upset over something so superficial but the tunnel vision is real when you're stuck on your goal of 'growing your account', etc.

I really loved the cute art style and thought it fit the 'influencer' setting where everyone looked cute and pretty. It made the transition into horror feel even more startling.

Lastly, I enjoyed the writing! It was simple and to-the-point, but showed their personalities well. I really liked the way their personalities 'flipped' whenever they text or speak to someone vs when they were alone and commenting on others. Thank you for creating this game!

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Don't know what to say about this, I'm spechless. I love this kind of horror, well done game :) I wonder who is Mr. A's true identity.



WOW shit went from 0 to 100 fasttt in this game. I love it though!!!


I'm not usually one for horror but this was really well done!

I felt like some parts were dragged out and some parts were missing, but didn't ruin the game overall. I thought the game was great! Keep it up! :)

I am new to my computer... how do I play the game... and what I mean by that is how do I get the file to become the game??

Hello, you simply have to click 'download now'

If your still stuck what you need to do If press "download" then go to your files and find what you downloaded. Select it(just click on it ) And click "extract" and chose a folder you want. Go to the folder and you'll see it. Make sure your antivirus doesn't mess with it though. Then open the files and look for the thing that say s "application" Click on it, select "make a shortcut" and then drag the shortcut to your desktop! 

LOVED this! it kept me hooked till the end. it was a real wild ride


Wow okay, that escalated quickly

what an edge of the seat the game it had me hooked till the very end.

please make more games like this I LOVED IT.


I downloaded the game without really seeing what type of game it was, I just knew that it was about a girl who was a social influencer. When it took a dark turn, I wan't expecting it, but that made it even better! I loved how it was small things at first but then it slowly intensified. And, the art work was absolutely amazing too! Amazing game!

There was a really interesting story here and I feel it was told pretty well through what was given. I had a good time playing this game overall. 


Now I'm not going to lie - I have a complicated relationship with Social Media based horror - and for that matter, with visual novels. Social Media horror I find tends to get just as shallow as the media they want to demonize in their "everyone that lives off of it is automatically awful" narrative, and visual novels tend to need to strike a very specific balance between "horror" and "visual" before I start wondering why it didn't choose one or the other.

I am not saying that to dunk on your work here, mind you. I am saying that to make it clear that this still caught my attention despite that and made me want to play it. This definitely has to do with the art style and with a great logo, so absolutely pat yourselves on the back for that - you hit the balance just right.

There ARE moments in #Influenced where I feel an extra spot of visualization would really help sell the moment. There are times where I feel one scene drags, or the horror escalates just a tiny bit too quickly (going directly from "cut off some hair" to "slice open your hand and drink your own blood" seems like there's a step missing in between) - but all in all this was a well told story about obsession with false gratification and sacrificng authenticity to gain it. 

Little touches help it go along way - the very accurate Instagram interface, the way dialogue swings from being obnoxiously stereotypical (and I mean, that serves the story, so no worries there) to believable and especially being able to see the follower count tick up in between dialogue boxes help catch attention.

To put an end to what wasn't intended to be a textwall - #Influenced, in a sense, had everything going against it for me personally, but still caught my attention and told me a story I enjoyed quite a lot. 

And the way I see it, that means you did great work here. Keep it up.


The art style is so pretty!! I also loved that Dolly is depicted as a very ambitious influencer who does what she can to succeed, and not just a shallow vapid pretty girl. I just wished it was longer so we can know more about her life!


Solid execution throughout every aspect, from the visuals and writing down to the tight focus of the subject. My only nitpick is on the programming end, where I'd expect the chat log to automatically flow through typing/read indicators to the next text message, instead of having to click through all of them. Occasionally a message from Mr A was cut off at the bottom before it was pushed up by Dolly's message. Regardless, congrats on completing such a fantastic NaNoReNo!

Thank you! 

By the way you can scroll the texting interface (I found this out when there was a message cut off at the bottom)


Great writing and story. It felt like one of the more chilling episodes of Black Mirror. The art style was a good 'contrast' to the story.

Thank you! Yeah when we were done we realized we just made an episode of black mirror 😂 

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid on the game:


1. Art style is soo beautiful! Each character seems to be perfectly done!

2. The game is scary and a bit disgusting. I went through so many emotions playing it!

3. The plot is crazyyy (in a good way)



I am trying to always write something here to show some flaws for further development, but this game seems to be perfectly done. At least for me - I see no flaws. Art style, colors, pacing, plot, dialogues - everything is well-done! So, overall I would rate this game 5/5! I'm impressed.


Wow, thank you for the great review! I'll be sure to watch your playthrough! 

This was a lot of fun and unexpected. One suggestion is to change the itch.io cover artwork. The artwork in the actual game is fabulous, the cover should reflect it. I almost skipped over this, glad I didn't!

You mean the artwork of the girl on blue?

Yep! It's a cute picture but for some reason it looks relatively unfinished compared to the rest of the game.

Noted, I will make sure to change the cover soon :) 

omg loved it!

Thank you!

I love the art in this game.

Thank you 😊

such a good game love it!:)

Thank you!!

Damn, it looks really interesting, I have to try this out owo

please do, and let us know what you think :) 

So I tested it and wow this pure nightmare... It was really well done (even if things escalated maybe a bit too quickly, but with the short time you had it makes sense). 

If you ever go for a longer version of this game, I think it would be so interesting to let the player some choices, to make them being involve into this slow nightmare. (With every choice bringing followers or not... and a number to achieve to win the game... impossible number with not going crazy.)

Anyway, it was a really interesting horror game, I felt so uneasy while playing it, very well done !

Thank you! Yeah a lot of the content was restricted by time. If I had all the time in the world I would love to have choices and more than one location. 😅 Possibly a project for later!





I love this so much sdsjdsjjdsjs

thank you! 


This is great!!! :OOO You got this done so fast wow!!!

well we got it done in one month like you lol

I mean considering you showed me the script just a few weeks ago this is really fast loool. It looks awesome!

oh LOL well at that point it there was a rough build out so it wasn't like we were starting from scratch at that point

You are awesome Chloe :P


This is a team effort, but thank you!